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Come travel with us and make new friends as we explore the many facets of Opera! Destination: Opera! Travel Club is a fun group of very knowledgeable opera 'enthusiasts', life long devotees of the arts, who travel together to the world's great cultural destinations for the sake of enrichment and discovery. Whether we meet nearby to have lunch and see a live Met broadcast at a local theatre, or travel overseas to the grand opera houses of Europe, our guest/members always have a unique and memorable experience! Our small, intimate gatherings bring together individuals with a wealth of lifetime experience collecting, directing and performing this beautiful and enduring art form. We often have casual, informal get-togethers where we hear rare recordings from private collections followed by lunch or desert. If you enjoy travel, sharing knowledge, the thrill of a great performance, good food and wine, lively, spirited discussions, laughter and camaraderie, you'll love this interesting and down-to-earth group!

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